Fragile bones of music - Roland Graeter, cello, voice, kalimba, darbuka. Dick Toering, electric and acoustic guitar.
Recorded live 2010 by Roland Graeter. Edited by Dick toering.

titles: 1. Sad song of the little bird 2. No one can hurt you 3. how dowe do? 4. Picture yourself on a little white boat 5. True story 6. Fragile bones of music/dancing song 8. We're so shy 9. Democratic statement.

Free improvisations, or, better, instant compositions. Graeter and Toering show on this CD that free improvising does not necessarily have to sound like free jazz. Influences from classical, world music, jazz and rock blend to a very organic and open sounding music. Graeter and Toering didn't know eachother before the concert. They only met for a lunch, one hour before the concert, but managed not to talk about the music. There was no plan, no concept, no idea on how long they would be playing. The magic and excitement of a 'first encounter' can be heard in the music an experience that two people can have only once.

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