Out now! The album 'the music exhibition' by Klangwelt Station. order under listermusic lm010.

Dec 2013 Editing and mixinng the recording of Klangwelt Station.
Februari 2013 recording the album 'control and fantasy', duo with Johanna Varner.
New album Usquert I-XI with Johanna Varner, cello and klaus Treuheit, organ. Now released.

This year I will concentrate on recording with various line-ups. This spring with the band Roboto Trio. In september 2013 with Klangwelt Station, which are Johanna Varner cello, Meinrad Kneer double bass, Dick Toering guitars.


april 14 2013 Johanna Varner and Dick Toering, 'Offene Tore'Herz Jesu church, Munich.
8 mai 2013 cd presentation 'control and fantasy'in Signalraum, Munich.

16 march at NGNM Munich, with the quartet Super Mü.
11 feb 2012 Church Oostum (with Han Bennink, drums, and Johanna Varner, Cello)
22 april 2012 Church oostum Ensemble Klangwelt (with Meinrad Kneer, double bass, and Johanna Varner, Cello)
4-6 sept 2012 cd recordings in Usquert, with Klaus Treuheit and Johanna Varner
11 sept 2012 Signalraum, München, with Matteo Marangoni, Johanna Varner
23 nov 2012 Himmelfahrtskirche München ensemble Klangwelt (with Meinrad Kneer, Johanna Varner and Klaus Treuheit, organ)

past concerts
18 march 2011München, with Johanna Varner, Roland Graeter, Thomas Varner.
17 april Oostum, nl. Drones festival,
Dick Toering, Jurgen Veenstra, Jozef van Wissem, Kasper van Hoek, Johanna Varner.
zondag, mei 08 15:00 4 sept 2011church Oostum cd presentations, with andre rosendaal, Johanna Varner, Roland Graeter
14 okt 2011 Markuskirche München, improvisations, with Klaus Treuheit &Johanna Varner
u-ex(perimental) Johanna Varner (cello), Keir Neuringer (sax), Dick Toering (guitar) & Mark Alban Lotz (flutes) Centraal Museum, Utrecht Nicolaaskerkhof 10 Utrecht, NETHERLANDS.
Dick Toering guitar sounds & music