I make music. I use the guitar as my main instrument. Most of the time I have a kind of idea what I want to make, and then try to find the right modes, chords and sound to fill in the idea. Since the guitar has a lot of possibilities to create all this, I really don't need another instrument most of the time. Sometimes my music is conceptual, sometimes it is very intuitive. Over the years I developed a growing interest in improvising as a starting point for composing. Often, as on the album Usquert I-XI, the music is only improvised, but often the music is written down from the improvisation, and more 'controlled'. You can hear this on the album 'Control and Fantasy'.
Improvising is not a music style: it is a technique to create music. In my improvising I'm looking for melody, chords and open space. When you play 300 notes, there's probably a good one. When you play 1 note, it has to be the good one...
On melody: Well, I like the hooks of a good melody... This can be anything, from pop, folk, classic or minimal music.
On Chords: by preparing the guitar and by using different tunings I often try to avoid the usual guitar chords an fingerings, thus creating a new chordal sound on guitar.
On sound: I prefer to use analog sounds by preparing the guitar and using various techniques, for instance with slide. I do sometimes use effect pedals, but very limited.

My musical approach is 'looking for less', and finding the essential elements of music and composition.
Influenced by people like Miles Davis, Varese, Ligeti, John Cage Giacinto Scelci, Conlon Nancarrow, Pink Floyd, Sonic Youth and various kinds of world music, experimental music and so on.

Dick Toering guitar sounds & music