Well, I play the guitar. I make music. Some people are very good in promoting themselves. sometimes the image gets more important than the music itself. I prefer to let the music speak for itself. I prefer to trust your own judgement on my music. Why not listening to it, and decide for yourself if you like it? You don't need to label the music.
To quote George Michael: listen without prejudice.
Over the years I played with a lot of people, recorded cd's and worked as a producer for my own music and for various others, producing demos and cd's. Recent productions are the new album with Klangwelt Station (Kneer, Toerinng, Varner) my duo with johanna Varner, the trio with Johanna Varner and Klaus Treuheit, my duo cd with Roland Graeter, and the solo cd by cellist Johanna Varner.

I have a small-scale recording studio; more important, there is a good recording and concert option in the nearby small medieval church of Oostum, with a very special atmosphere. There is also an appartment for max 10 people available. For production options, send e-mail.
Dick Toering guitar sounds & music