Latest album 2017: Music for a while by Boreas Duo (Dick Toering Guitar, Johanna Varner Cello). A collection of beautiful classical music as well as original compositions by Johanna Varner and Dick Toering. Check the Boreas Duo website or find Boreas Duo on Spotify!
New album: 'the Music Exhibition' by Klangwelt Station (Meinrad Kneer double bass, Johanna Varner Cello, dick Toering guitars).
Here some recent recordings by Dick Toering that are available.
Some other recordings: 'Het ooit', in collaboration with painter/poet Irene Verbeek. Sold out. With the band Kleg: albums 'Eating and Sleeping' and 'Zing' (produced by Lee Ranaldo). These albums can be found on e-bay now and then.
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Out now on listermusic : Johanna Varner and Dick Toering. control and Fantasy. Order cd

Out now on listermusic (nov 2012): Toering, Varner, Treuheit, 'UsquertI-XI'. Instant compositions for guitar, cello and church organ.. Order cd

The first solo-cd by Dick Toering. Soundscapes, melodies, minimal music. Moors magazine: een absolute aanrader!
Order cd

Out now on listermusic (feb 2011): duo Roland Graeter/Dick Toering', Fragile bones of music. Melodic improvisations and musical conversation. Order cd

Previous release on listermusic: The band Lister. Albums: Cold Start (lm002) and elektrisch Vuur (lm003). A mix from folk, alternative rock, experimental and film music. Order cd