Part of 'Music for a While' by Boreas Duo will be on the soundtrack of the German comedie movie 'FrauMutterTier', which will be premiered summer 2018.
Winter 2017/2018 recording solo-classical album 'Favorites'.
Winter-spring 2018: now on Spotify 'Music for a While' by Boreas Duo and 'Control & Fantasy' by Toering/Varner. More past albums to come!
2017: out now! The album 'Music for a While' by Boreas Duo (Johanna Varner, Dick Toering).
Spring 2016 recording 'Music for a While' with Boreas Duo.
Out now! The album 'the Music Exhibition' by Klangwelt Station/Meinrad Kneer, double bass, Johanna Varner, cello, Dick Toering, electric guitar. Order under listermusic lm010.
2013: New album Usquert I-XI with Johanna Varner, cello and klaus Treuheit, organ. Now released.


Coming: febr 18 2018: Jüdisches Museum, Leer (Boreas duo).
spring 2019: München, Germany, Lienz Austria.

Past concerts (not complete):
2017: Boke Museum, Leer. Boreas Duo with Katharina Birch.
CD-presentation Church Oldersum, Boreas Duo with Katharina Birch.
Dalasco Bibliothek, Emden (Boreas Duo).
2016: Opening exposition Elisabeth Tattenberg at Kunsthalle Emden (Boreas Duo).
Stadtsaal Emden (Boreas Duo).
2015: Jüdisches Museum, Leer (improvisations with Toering/Varner).
2014: festival 'Gast in Garnwerd', improvisations with Toering/Varner and video artist Jacky Sawatzky.
2013: Johanna Varner and Dick Toering, 'Offene Tore' Herz Jesu church, Munich.
2013: cd presentation 'control and fantasy'in Signalraum, Munich.
16 march at NGNM Munich, with the quartet Super Mü.
2012: Church Oostum (with Han Bennink, drums, and Johanna Varner, Cello).
2012: Church Oostum Ensemble Klangwelt (with Meinrad Kneer, double bass, and Johanna Varner, Cello).
2012: cd recording in Usquert, with Klaus Treuheit and Johanna Varner.
2012: Signalraum, München, with Matteo Marangoni, Johanna Varner.
2012: Himmelfahrtskirche München, ensemble Klangwelt (with Meinrad Kneer, Johanna Varner and Klaus Treuheit, organ).
2011: München, with Johanna Varner, Roland Graeter, Thomas Varner.
17 april Oostum, nl. Drones festival. Dick Toering, Jurgen Veenstra, Jozef van Wissem, Kasper van Hoek, Johanna Varner.
4 sept 2011 church Oostum cd presentations, with Andre Rosendaal, Johanna Varner, Roland Graeter.
14 okt 2011 Markuskirche München, improvisations, with Klaus Treuheit &Johanna Varner.
u-ex(perimental) Johanna Varner (cello), Keir Neuringer (sax), Dick Toering (guitar) & Mark Alban Lotz (flutes) Centraal Museum, Utrecht.