Studied classical guitar with Willem van Lier (guitar teacher at Music High School in Groningen, Holland). Broke up classical study, started playing in experimental/avantgarde bands, with growing success.

For a long period very active in playing and composing avantgarde music, as well as developing a growing interest in improvised music and developing alternative playing techniques, tunings and sounds for prepared guitar.

Many collaborations and CD's followed, with, among many others, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), composer David Dramm, double bass player Meinrad Kneer, keyboard player Klaus Treuheit, improviser Roland Graeter, video artist Jacky Sawatzky and cellist Johanna Varner.

Many concerts in various bands and line-ups in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland.

Recent years regained interest in playing classical guitar, which led to the the classical cello-guitar duo with cellist Johanna Varner, as the Boreas Duo. Boreas Duo recorded the classical album 'Music for a While'(2017). Music by Bach, Dowland, Schubert, Heandel, Villa Lobos, Part, Varner, Toering.

Winter 2017/2018 the classical solo-album 'favorites'was recorded, with well known classical music, from Frescobaldi to Baden Powell, from Renaissance to Brazil! To be released spring 2018.